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There are several issues that can be covered in Open Webmail, that you may want to find out more about. However, there are so many different possibilities and variable questions, that they simply cannot all be covered in this tutorial. Here are the most frequently asked questions:
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Why can't I log in?
You may be getting a error message that says that you have not entered your login information correctly. Try checking your user name and retyping your password. Because the username is in viewable text, you can check it directly in the text field. But, because the password field is displayed with hidden characters ( ' * ' or ' ' ), you will have to retype it carefully to make sure it is correct.

It may also be that you do not have a login name at the domain you are at. You may possibly be at the wrong domain for login. If you are not sure, go to the server domain (in this case, ) and type in /openwebmail after the domain. However, it is preferred that you use your own domain. 
Why it takes so long to log in?
OpenWebMail is designed to be very fast. If you see the GNU copyright page for a very long time after you login, then OpenWebMail is busy in processing your INBOX folder (eg: mail indexing, filtering, trash cleaning, etc.).

Is it safe to use autologin feature?
It depends. You can enable it on your private computer if the computer is secure. And if you are using a public computer, please don't enable autologin or be sure to do a logout before leaving that public computer.

Can I use OpenWebMail with SSL?
Yes. Just type https:// instead of http:// for the URL of your webmail.

I saw a HTTP compression checkbox in login screen, what is it used for?
When it is checked, web pages generated by OpenWebMail will be transmitted in gzip compressed format, this greatly reduces the time required for page download. This is very useful for users with slow connection.

I can't find the Spam Check and/or WebDisk menu's in my OpenWebMail?
Probably your system administrator hasn't installed  these options for you.

I can not choose to compose HTML messages?
Then you likely have a very old browser. The HTML editor requires IE5.5+ on the Windows platform or Mozilla 1.3b+ on all platforms.

A string 'Sessions: 5, 10, 20' appeared at the bottom of the copyright page after successful login, what does this string mean?
It means the number of users that were active in the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes, which gives a rough estimation of the webmail usage state.
Why do some of my messages redirect to a folder other than my Inbox?
You may have your filter options set up to block different e-mail messages according to their header information. Simply go to the preferences and uncheck all the options in the Mail Filtering Options.

Why do the toolbars change?
The toolbars will adapt to the current mailbox or mode you are in. See Using the Toolbars for more information on this topic, including the functionality of the buttons/icons.

Why are some of my messages bolded and some not?
The messages that are in bold, specify that you have not read those messages. It is just the opposite for non-bolded message listings (non-bolded messages are messages that have been read).

Why aren't attachments getting sent with the e-mails?
You must click "Add" after browsing for files to attach to the e-mail. See Adding Attachments
Can I have multiple personal addressbooks?
Yes, you can create as many addressbooks as you want through the Addressbooks management menu.
Why isn't some of the address book information correct when I import it from my offline e-mail client?
This may be caused by incorrect formatting or selections made while exporting from the offline e-mail client. See Importing & Exporting Address Books for more information on this topic.

Why is my calendar entry not being entered at a specific time?
In order for a calendar entry to be added a a specific time of day, you must tell it when to start. If you only tell it when the event ends, it will put the event at the bottom of the daily calendar where no specific time is listed. However, by just putting a start time, it will be placed at that time without an end time being specified. 
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