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You may have an address book that is already stored on your computer, but you don't want to bother creating all the entries within the OpenWebMail address book. That is what the Import Tool is for. This tool is compatible with Outlook Express 5 (or higher), and Netscape Mail 4.x (where "x" is the sub-version).
You will need to export the address book from your offline e-mail client using a CSV file (Comma Separated Values), a TAB file (Tab Separated Values) or a vCF file (vCard Format). (Please consult the documentation for your offline e-mail client for instructions on exporting its address book). Once you have properly exported your address book in the appropriate file format, you can now import it into the OpenWebMail address book.
Click the Import toolbar icon ( ), you will then be redirected to the address book importer. Click Browse, and open the exported file from the location on your computer in which you saved it to. Select the order and the fields you want to import, then select the address book in OpenWebMail you want to import the entries to (or import them to a new address book). Finally, click Import, and your address book from your offline e-mail client will now be duplicated to the OpenWebMail address book.


You can also perform the exact opposite procedure by exporting your OpenWebMail address book or a subset of entries to your offline e-mail client.

To export a subset of entries, click the Export Address Book icon ( ). It will redirect you to the Export Tool. Select the entries you want to export, then choose the file format corresponding to your offline e-mail client and click Export Now button to save the entries to a file. You can now import these addresses to your offline e-mail client (see the documentation of your offline e-mail client for instructions on importing address books from files).

Note that you can select all the entries click the + sign in the middle top of the page and then clicking Export in the top of the rightest column. But there is a more convenient way to export an entire address book, see below.

To export an entire address book, click address books icon ( ), then click the download icon ( ) to save a compressed zip file containing a vCF (3.0 VCard Format) file of the entire address book.

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