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The Message Reading Options change the way incoming messages are displayed. You can change these according to your preferences, and to best fit your screen size, if you wish.

Message Reading Options reference chart:

Term/Setting What it Sets/Changes
Controlbar position in message reading Displays control bar position in per message reading on top or at bottom.
Default headers This option controls whether to display all entries in the message header when user is reading a message.
Read with message charset If this option is set to 'yes', OpenWebMail will display message with the message charset rather than the preference charset by default.
Use fixed-width font when reading messagesIf this option is set to yes, OpenWebMail will display message text with fixed width font (Courier) instead of proportional width font (Arial).This giver better effect when displaying text tables
Use smiley images when reading messages Allows smiley images (also known as "emoticons") to be displayed within messages.
Show HTML message as plain text If set this option to 'yes', all tags in a HTML message will be removed and the message will be displayed as a plain text message.
Show image attachment as a link Uses a link for attached images rather than displaying them as images directly within the e-mail message.
Disable JavaScript inside message Disables JavaScript™ within messages. This prevents user being hijacked to some web site by eval javascript.
Disable embed/object/applet tag inside message This is used to disable the EMBED, OBJECT and APPLET tags in a message. These tages can be used to load malicious code to user browser.
Disable embedded links inside messageThis is used to disable the embedded links in a message.
This prevents user email addresses being confirmed by
spammer through the embedded links.

If this option is set to 'cgionly', only embedded CGIs will be disabled, if this option is set to 'all', all embedded links will be disabled, if this option is set to 'none', all embedded links will be kept untouched.
Send 'confirm reading' receiptWhether to sent the receipt for a message with the 'confirm reading'.
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