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Message Composing/Sending Options configures options related to composing, replying, and forwarding messages.

Message Composing/Sending Options reference chart:


What it Sets/Changes

Message format Selects the default format (html/plain text) for composing messages:
  • Auto selected: Message composing format is the same as the replied/forwarded message, or plain text for new messages.
  • Text: Message composing format is plain text.
  • HTML: Message composing format is html if the browser supports the html text area.
  • HTML and Text: Message composing format is html, but message is sent both in html and plain text version (what is displayed to the recipient depends on the receiving email client).
Size for mail edit area Configures the size of the text area for editing the email. For plain text format emails, the configured width also sets the width for the 'Reparagraph' option.
Send button position Configures the position for the 'Send' button.
Reparagraph message before reply For plain text messages, readjust line breaks of original message for clarity.
Reply with original message Selects the position of the original message text included in the reply message:
  • at Beginning: Original message text goes before reply text and signature.
  • at End: Original message text goes below reply text and signature.
  • None: Original message text is not included in the reply.
Signature before forwarded text Check to change the default behavior from inserting your signature after the forwarded message to before the forwarded message.
Automatic CC Sets an email (or list of emails) for which a copy of every sent message is automatically sent.
Backup Outgoing message to SENT folder Puts a backup copy of all replied.
Backup to current folder (if not Inbox/Draft) Puts the backup copy of the replied message on the current folder instead (if it is not the Inbox or Drafts)
Charset for outgoing message Sets charset to which the message is converted before being sent.
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