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Message Operation options set the preferences for performing actions on messages (such as Move or Copy).

Message Operation reference chart:


What it Sets/Changes

Confirm before message move/copy
Confirms before moving or copying a message to another folder.
Default DestinationThe default location or destination of unspecified filtered messages.
Smart Destination
Finds the destination folder for a message automatically based on its subject.
View next after message move/copyWill redirect to the next message in the current folder after moving or copying a message.
Auto fetch POP3 at loginOpenWebMail will fetch mail from another mail (pop3) server automatically after you login.This option also determines how
long OpenWebMail should check mail on the pop3 servers for the user.
Run mail filter in the background
Moves the mail filter into a background process to avoid delay on the Inbox access.
Wait time for background mail filtering
This defines how long OpenWebMail should wait for background mail filtering before returning the folder message listing or message content to the user.
Move inbox messages to saved folder at logoutMoves old messages to the "Saved" folder when you log out of OpenWebMail.
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