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The Address Book Options set the formats and preferences for the Address Book.

Address Book Options reference chart:

Term/Setting What it Sets/Changes
Size for addressbook window
Default width and height (in pixels) of the addressbook popup window. The value "Maximum" let the browser use the max width available on screen.
Addressbook button position
Sets the position of continue and cancel buttons in addressbook popup window.
Addressbook default filter The address book filter can arrange three things:
  • Enables or disables the filter.
  • Sets the default field for the filter.
  • To filter on a specific keyword.
Addresses displayed per page
The number of addresses to display per page when displaying addressbooks.
Display only one line per contact
Display addresses in collapsed mode (one line of information per contact) or in expanded mode (all lines of information per contact). Some contacts will have many phone numbers or many email addresses for example.
Default addressbook sort order
Sets the default addressbook sort order.
Listview field order
Default field order (the columns) in the addressbook listview.  Only 5 columns are currently supported.
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