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The Calendar Options set the formats and preferences for the calendar (see Using the Calendar for more information).

Calendar Options reference chart:

Term/Setting What it Sets/Changes
Default calendar view
The default view to use when the calendar button is clicked.
Values are year, month, week, day or list.
Holiday definition
The default holiday definition file to use. This should be set to a
locale. If this option is set to auto, then the definition file will be chosen based on the users locale preference setting. If this option is set to none, then no holiday definition file will be used.
Show lunar calendar labels
Show lunar calendar dates when viewing calendars. Lunar calendars are used for holidays and traditional events by many countries including China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Korea.
Number of items in month viewThe number of items, or events, that displayed while the calendar is in the monthly view.
Week startSelects the day that you prefer the weekly calendar starts on.
Start hourThe start hour of the daily view.
End hourThe end hour of the daily view.
Time interval in dayview
The interval of each time slot in the dayview (in minute).
Show empty hoursShows all times of the day (in daily view), even ones without events.
Event reminder check daysReminds you of an event within the selected number of days before. Set to "None" to disable.
Reminder for global eventsWhether or not to remind for global events.
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