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The Webdisk allows you to store files on the server and access them from anywhere.
Arguably the primary use of Webdisk is to save detached files attached to your emails. Due to the way many non-text files (pictures, video or sound files, word processing documents, etc.) are handled in transit, they have to be 'repackaged' for transmission. This increases the file size by some 30%. When you store the attachment on Webdisk, the original format and size are restored. So, in brief, you can store more files on Webdisk than in email attachments.

You can also use Webdisk as an additional file space, for absolutely anything you wish to store there - it does not have to be email related. There is no distinction between Webdisk space and 'email' space. This means it's entirely up to you how you use your disk area. If you see no need for using Webdisk explicitly, feel free to ignore it and all the storage area will be available for your emails.

Webdisk supports many file operations such as copy and rename to save time from downloading and re-uploading. You can also make preview thumbnails of images, get instant previews of documents, and even edit files directly on the server.

Preferences for the Webdisk can be set in the Webdisk Options.

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