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The calendar toolbar works similarly to the main toolbar, but it customizes the calendar for you.

The Calendar Toolbar:

calendar toolbar

Reference Chart:

Term/Icon Name/Alternate Text Action It Performs
View By YearView By YearDisplays the current yearly calendar.
View By MonthView By MonthDisplays the current monthly calendar.
View By WeekView By WeekDisplays the current weekly calendar.
View By DayView By DayDisplays the current daily calendar.
listview button
Displays all the calendar items in a year as a list.
Back to InboxBack to InboxTakes you back to the Inbox.
addressbook button
Address Book
Opens the address book for editing.
webdisk button
Opens your file storage.
user settings
User Preferences
Allows you to alter and personalize your settings.
LogoutLogoutExits OpenWebMail.

You can also change the year, which will display the dates accordingly. Simply click within the drop menu where it says "2009", and change it to the desired year. The month, days, weeks, and events will now be changed according to that year. The same you can do with the month in the "month" field. You can also use the Left (left arrow) and Right (right arrow) arrows, just below the toolbar, for that.

You can find out more about using the Calendar Here.

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