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Below, is what you will see on the Advanced Search page.  It allows you to perform more specific searches in your mailboxes than the Search Toolbar. You can navigate to the advanced search page by clicking the Search Button ( ) on the Main Toolbar.

advanced search screen

Refer to the following table for help on the Advanced Search page:

Search TermAction Performed
Select FolderSelect which e-mail folders (mailboxes) you wish to search through. By checking off the checkbox beside "Select Folder", all the folders will become selected. 
Date Range
Search between the specified dates. There are already some presets defined.
WhereWhat part of the e-mail message(s) to perform the search in. 
Type of SearchSpecifies the method of creating the search filter.
Text to SearchWhat text to find within the messages you are searching for.
Line resultsHow many results to display.
ResultsDisplays all of the messages that matched the search terms, when the "Search" button is pressed.
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